Disciplines: Visual identity, Illustration, Motion design 
Role​​​​​​​: Designer with Heta Suutarinen, at Avidly Kotka
Year​​​​​​​: 2020
Tivoli Seiterä, one of Finland's iconic amusement parks, was founded by Lauri Seiterä in 1966 (formerly Huvipuisto Seiterä). Dedicated to spreading joy through entertainment and communal fun, it stands resilient amidst economic challenges. Their slogan, "fun is meant for everyone!" and the 2023 addition, "The eternal value of joy", underscore their commitment to making joy accessible to all and promoting themes of togetherness and mutual care.
The 2023 edition's visual identity for Tivoli Seiterä was crafted around an illustration style commissioned for the park, characterized by simplicity, vibrancy, and timelessness. By incorporating shape-based illustrations that blend both diagrammatic and narrative elements, we aimed to captivate viewers' attention and encourage engagement. Utilizing a familiar color palette in innovative ways, we focused on enhancing color contrast and creating more space to achieve an engaging and soothing overall look. The layout emphasized the use of up to three colors at a time to amplify the contrast volume and visual impact.