Maryam is a Kotka-based designer and illustrator focused on graphic design and editorial Illustration. With a big passion for developing visual identities she practice and involve in both commercial and creative cultural world. Her design practice is based on understanding and considering the client’s needs. Maryam specializes in visual Identities, branding, editorial design and editorial illustration.
Her methods includes deeply understanding the brand’s essence and creating visual solutions that align with the brand’s values and tonality. Her work stands for clarity with bold visual solutions that aims to challenge the norms. Her aesthetic approach stretches from minimalism to boldness. Some of my designs are completely based on typography or/and clear geometrical shapes.  
Before her graduation from the Southeast Finland University of Applied Sciences with a degree in bachelor of culture and arts - Graphic design. She has worked as an illustrator for a couple of years and developed her illustration style. During her studies she worked as a graphic designer at Avidly and UUNI.
Creative direction for branding: visual identity design • graphic design • typography • brand concepts • brand guidelines •  other implementations •
Print production: packaging  magazines  books • poster design • clothing patterns prints • editorial Illustration 
Digital platforms: website • social media • newsletter • digital invitations 
Art direction: creative concepts • imagery • animations 
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