Disciplines​​​​​​​: Visual identity, Illustration
Role​​​​​​​: Bachelor project, UUNI communications
Year: 2020
Rolling Cheese, the cheese shop established in Tööllö in 2020, draws its name from a centuries-old tradition originating in a village in Gloucestershire, England. Each year, during May and June, villagers gather to chase a rolling cheese puck down the steep slopes of Cooper's Hill. Despite safety concerns and official restrictions, this tradition has persisted for over 600 years, evolving into an annual celebration. It symbolizes the rich heritage of English and European cheese-making traditions, a legacy that Rolling Cheese proudly embodies and shares with Helsinki through its brand.
In crafting Rolling Cheese's visual identity, we harmoniously blended edgy and refined design elements, taking inspiration from a variety of products and flavors. Our goal was to reflect the brand's originality, storytelling, and seasonal influences. Through thoughtful selection of colors, typography, and illustrative style, we aimed to convey the passion, responsibility, and timeless traditions of cheese-making. Anchored by the Raleway font for enhanced brand clarity, our typography complements the illustrative approach, featuring playful circular motifs that resonate with our audience while honoring cheese-making traditions heritage.