Disciplines: Editorial design, Illustration
Role​​​​​​​: Designer
Year​​​​​​​: 2022
"Earth Timeline Post Service" is a personal project undertaken throughout 2022. This endeavor entails the creation of an editorial magazine poster each month, serving as a medium for sharing reflections from the passing month. Through this project, I aim to capture my observations and invite viewers to join me in reflecting on the passing time.
Consistency is key in this project, as each month follows the same layout structure. However, a fresh illustration is introduced with every edition, skillfully capturing the mood and essence of the respective month. The chosen typeface plays a pivotal role, striking a balance between boldness and unity, bringing together all elements of the design. To complement the overall aesthetic, black and white textured images are incorporated into the backgrounds to enhances visual interest and adds depth to the posters, enriching the storytelling experience.