Disciplines: Editorial design, Creative direction
Role​​​​​​​: Designer, Independent
Year​​​​​​​: 2024
Understanding different cultures is essential for fostering connection among people. "Culture in Modern Society" offers a unique set of question cards, totalling forty-six and divided into seven categories, enabling individuals to learn about and share their cultural experiences. Emphasising collaboration to enhance mutual understanding, the project encourages people from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and perspectives, breaking down cultural barriers. Furthermore, "Culture in Modern Society" strives to foster inclusive spaces for meaningful dialogues, encouraging respectful exchanges to bridge cultural gaps and explore diverse perspectives.
The design approach is intentionally minimalist, using only two typeface variations and focusing mainly on black and white photography, complemented by a carefully chosen color palette. This simplicity aims to create a clear and diverse visual experience. By prioritising simplicity and a limited visual style, the design aims to effectively communicate and foster a sense of connection and inclusivity.