Blooming – is a contribution to the inaugural zine "HALARA" by Gemmamedia, a collective celebration of Greek culture and lifestyle, with a focus on the art of idleness and the beauty of daydreaming. Nestled within the pages of this unique zine, "Bloom" transports readers to a world where the essence of Greece comes alive through artistic expression.
The overarching theme of HALARA centers around the Greek way of life, a cultural tapestry rich in traditions, and a profound appreciation for the art of leisure. It explores the subtle joys of idleness, allowing the mind to wander freely, and the magic that unfolds when daydreams take flight.
Within the zine, "Bloom" emerges as an exquisite piece of artwork, a visual embodiment of the Human creative spirit. The illustration captures the essence of human nature in full splendour, with vibrant flowers petals, and the gentle caress of creative culture.
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